L48 Dams of Craigie BESS

L48 Dams of Craigie BESS


L48 Dams of Craigie BESS forms part of our organic ambitious pipeline of developing projects in areas of strategic importance

L48 Dams of Craigie BESS forms part of our organic ambitious pipeline of developing projects in areas of strategic importance. We selected the site in North Aberdeenshire after careful consideration and detailed due diligence. We had approached National Grid in July 2022 for a pre application meeting regarding our intention for connecting a 200 MW BESS co-located with 20 MW Solar PV in North Aberdeenshire.

We have thus far worked up a land deal with the landowner to house 200 MW BESS and 20 MW of Solar PV connected to 275 kV dual circuit transmission line connecting two major substations in North East Scotland.

We have commenced the Pre-Planning Studies with Blackhall & Powis and have conducted topological surveys for the site. We have produced a constraints map for the site which shows limited / manageable constraints on the site. None of the constraints pertains to the BESS application.

We are also in the process of starting a Community Engagement and will be responding to Local Communities concerns and objections. We will strive hard to alleviate any concerns of the local communities through early engagements and meetings.

We aim to submit the Pre Application meeting with the local council in Q1, 2024 and follow it up with a full planning application in H2 of 2024.

The site is of strategic importance as it is located mid-way between two major substations and a major generating Station in NE Scotland. The site is expected to be energised in the back end of the decade.

The co-location of 20 MW Solar is a value add for the project as the two technologies will share the cost of grid connection and customer substation.

The BESS site benefits from suitable road access and is well screened from neighbouring residential localities on all sides.

The Solar Site is South Facing and is well positioned next to the BESS site. We are working with Blackhall & Powis to mitigate constraints for Solar Site.

We, along with our consultants, are fairly confident of achieving the full planning permits for both technologies.

The BESS along with Solar PV would be structured to participate in all the possible energy markets, including ancillary services, wholesale trading, and balancing markets to provide superior returns for the investors.